In our seasonal editorial for 68&BROTHERS we chose to talk with brand's team about memorable times of their history: from NY that was full of inspiration and meeting vintage dealers in 90s, to joint works with local independent graffiti-artists.
Mid-90s: punk and hip hop meets alternative music, street art are boomed, subculture gangs are grow... In this atmosphere, 68&BROTHERS brand was born. Born and raise in Lower East Side, Manhattan's tough neighborhood familiar to everybody's by Ma Kelly quotes and Warzone songs.

It happens in 1996, when group of enthusiasts choose to bring their own vibes into vintage style. Since then, more than 20 years have passed, 68&BROTHERS brand moved to Tokyo, but still keep their original roots.
— Your story begins in New York in 1996. Tell us about the first years of 68&BROS. Why you choose this name? What were any special memories in late 90s?
— There was a group of vintage dealers and designers gathered together and getting excited to make cloths that we actually want to wear.
We focused on work wears and athletic cloths of 40s-60s at that time and making US made garments.

In the late 90's, the street scene in Lower East Side and SOHO was so stimulating with all the skaters, hip hop artists,and graffiti.
The time we really started to move forward was when we attended to Magic show in Las Vegas and started to deal with well known stores such as Barneys New York and Fred Segal.
— What inspired you in that time?
— There were plenty of inspirations in atmosphere of New York with all the fellows and their background and the collections they had at that time.

We started with the guys like echan and John Gluckow the vintage dealers and Mark Mcnairy who later work with J.Press and his own brand.

We used to hang out with artists such as Thomas Campbell, Rich Jacobs and Michele Lockwood.There were so many creative people around us then.
— You said that you move to Japan after the 9/11. Why you choose to move?
— Because it was becoming difficult to produce garments in the US.
The quality of Japan made products such as jeans were starting to be recognized at that time and we found that there is environment for creating products with better quality, so we decided to move back to Japan.
— Tell us about modern concept of 68&BROS. What what inspires and influences you now?
— We have always been inspired by good old american cloth like work, military, ivy and athletics.Our theme now is to adjust the essence with the time.

Recently, we are inspired by not only our experience or knowledge,but also young kids from the street.
— You have collaboration with PUTS. Tell us: who is PUTS? And how you meet each other and start joint work?
— PUTS is a graffiti artist based on Tokyo.Inspired by flyer arts of hard core music, American toy and horror movies etc.
He is versatile artist who works on the street and galleries.

I really can't remember when we first met, but somehow got together hanging around the street of Tokyo and invited him as a collab partner when we had our 20th anniversary with 20 collab event. He had his exhibition with us and we released items for the event also.

Photo: Evgeny Kochergin
Starring: Nikita, Vlad, Dasha, Nikita, Sergey, Alina, Arseny
ideo: Vlad Fukcula

Grade Moscow
21 Nov, 2019