Taiwan is one of the few countries where the weather can change chaotically several times a day, and the infrastructure of the metropolis exists side-by-side with nature. In such a rapidly developing environment, a special culture of clothing has been formed, where its aesthetic part is complemented by functions and technologies.

The WISDOM brand is literally built on the rhythm of modern Taiwan: it is flexible to the slightest climate changes and is designed for the fact that sooner or later you will want to leave the concrete jungle, go to conquer wildlife, and then return with a lot of bright emotions. These things have a lot of references to local urban life, the uniforms of modern workers. And the fact of local production is used even more — Taiwan's innovative textile technologies are fully equipped here.

Behind the impressive functionality and visual component of WISDOM there is an aesthetic side — the brand does everything possible to minimize damage to the environment. Perhaps the ideal formula for urban outdoor clothing has been achieved.

WISDOM describes in details about its clothing, but says almost nothing about itself. We contacted his team to discuss their first introduction to the world of tech wear, their native Taiwan and its best manufactories, viruses, global warming, and the wisdom with which the world can be changed to better side.

Design: Evgeny Mizk
What did you feel when you first met tech clothes? What impressed you the most and why?
There is an inherent pull to tech clothes because it not only corresponds to current needs but also explores the possibility of a brand new future.

We can use our imagination to join different materials and produce the fabrics that we need. The fabrics can then be pieced together through a multitude of tailoring and stitching techniques to create the ideal product.
How did you come to create WISDOM brand? Which stages were the most difficult in it?
We believe that wisdom is humanity's greatest gift and we believe in taking advantage of that wisdom to introduce more possibilities into this world!

The most challenging aspect of running a brand is in converting your own world views into a value that can be shared with others. We basically have to be able to get our audience to understand and recognize our values!
You're based in Taiwan. How local climate influence to your design?
Taiwan is a subtropical island nation characterized by hot and humid weathers, abundant rainfall, rare but extreme lows in the winter, and deep convections in the summer. The weather changes in a single day are generally described as drastic and so we take that into consideration when developing our fabrics. We seek to develop fabrics with various functionalities such as water repellent, wind resistant, moisture-wicking, quick dry, etc. in hopes that our users are able to enjoy a comfortable outfit even under such fickle weather conditions.
Your slogan is «trip easy, function beauty». Can you tell us about it in details? What did you mean?
Summarizing the user experiences on the move, we take mobility, lightweight, agility, and comfort into main considerations. To meet diverse demands, our products are made with fabrics developed in collaboration with local Taiwanese textile manufacturers. Newly developed fabrics include the ultra-lightweight and cold-resistant DreamFel® Polypropylene eco-friendly fabric, Nylon ATY, a water-repellent, wrinkle-resistant lightweight fabric developed by Shinkong Synthetic Fabric Corp, and the exclusively patented SHIN-COOL®. We also use materials of international renowned labels like YKK®, NIFCO®, and FIDLOCK®. Our detailed, evolving techniques update each collection to accompany each and every of your journey.
We really would like to know more about your local fabric manufacturers. Could you tell us about few manufacturers you often work with? And why you choose them?
Most of our fabrics are acquired from Shinkong Textile Co., a top textile company in Taiwan that specializes in the development and production of functional fabrics. Shinkong Textile Co. focuses on upgrading and innovating textile technologies and is also a textile developer for dev Nike, The North Face, and other renowned brands. We enjoy working with Shinkong because they are able to offer us a diverse selection and foresight.
We are inspired by futuristic films and cartoons where heroes need special opportunities, and clothing/equipment help them to have that. Tell us, did you have something like that while creating clothing? Do special functions, goals and needs give birth to your design and details? It would be interesting to learn about such stories in WISDOM.
We are also inspired by segments of films and cartoons that describe a futuristic universe but more than that, we try to explore the needs and feedback from our own experiences of transforming user experiences from various forms of urban travels. We always try to identify the «problem» and then offer a solution. This is also what drives us to improve as we launch our new lines!

Most of our «problems» are uncovered through feedbacks from consumer or our own experiences to which we then adjust or optimize accordingly. We continue to upgrade our designs and details each season to align better with user habits while also staying true to our own style. Sometimes we will take on cases for uniform designs or co-branding collabs and we will create products according to their demands as well.
Can you tell us more about your favorite fabrics and technologies that you use?
Due to the COVID-19, we have been pushing for designs that can offer protection against bacteria but also be used daily. We hope that such fabrics can become an industry standard in the future as well.
Your current collection is inspired by familiar images of modern soldiers and urban workers. What elements of silhouettes and design did you draw from current real-life clothing? And why did you choose them?
Summers are growing warmer and longer by the years because of global warming. As such, we have decided this season that we will be developing an ultra-light, breathable product that is also water repellant and resilient. Following the same principles, we've designed a series of different fabrics that WISDOM® but also other design projects can utilize.
Tell us about your eco-friendly attitude. What eco-friendly means for you as brand?
In terms of the brand, we can work towards slowly transitioning our raw materials into recyclable materials and ensuring that our manufacturing processes are in compliance with environmental protection regulations. We hope that a single product is able to be used to its maximum extent. In addition to aesthetics and style, our products should also offer a comfortable experience so users would want to mix-and-match it up, allowing it to become a classic item in their wardrobes. From a production standpoint, we will never mass-produce to lower costs because it also wastes inventory and materials. In the next season, we will be focusing on developing functional and natural textiles in hopes that we are able to differentiate from traditional, functional textiles and offer a new user experience.
In your opinion, what is lacking in technological clothes now?
Tech fabrics are progressing at a rapid rate so it's difficult to identify what we are lacking in technological clothes in the current moment. What you may find lacking could be created the very next day.

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4 Jun, 2020