Mother Ground is a sneaker brand from South Korea. Before creating it, designer K.B. Lee traveled through Patagonia for two months and took inspiration from the every part of nature. And this plays an important role in the design of each pair: even the contours of the wood rings on the outsoles evoke thoughts of dense forests, where the leaves sway from the light wind.

We spoke with K.B. Lee about the beginning of his passion in sneakers and his inspiring travel. And we did editorial for Mother Ground with a focus on places related to contemporary art.

Shooting: Ildar Iksanov
Tell us about your origins: how did you come to create the shoes?
K.B. Lee: I really liked sneakers since I was a little boy. I majored design in university, as I dreamed of working in Nike as a shoes designer. But after graduation, I changed my dream to make my own brand. So I launched a street fashion brand and it was quite successful. But I couldn't let my desire go to be a shoes designer. That's why I launched new brand only for sneakers, and here we are. Life is short, I love what I'm doing now.
Why nature feeling is important for you? Tell us in details about your philosophy.
I had a chance to travel Patagonia for two months before launching Mother Ground. Those two months gave me so much inspirations of the brand. Mountains, river, animals and every part of the great nature. The travel helped me a lot to find meaning of my life. Also the structure, composition and color of the nature brought me satisfaction, in terms of aesthetic and philosophy. So, naturally, those inspirations came into my design. I will keep loving the nature and share my inspiration with other people via Mother Ground.
Shooting: Ildar Iksanov
Starring: Liza, Nikita, Denis, Daria, Anton

Grade Moscow
12 Jul, 2020