GROOVER SPECTACLES is the japanese eyewear brand with a factory located in Tokyo. This eyewear will literally "groove" you with its spicy vibes.
Together with Gena Melkozerov, we focused on 6 GROOVER models and asked Mr. Nakajima to tell the background of each frame.
Lot 492
Lot.492 is a very unique design in that we got the idea from welding safety glasses -spiced up with an urban look to it.

The unique lense part attracts one's attention. We were inspired by practical and stylistic beauty, designed with our own unique interpretation and creativity, thus LOT.492 was born.

It was artistically crafted with a rare approach from GROOVER, one which does not draw influence from our other eyewear.

This unique design featuring flip-up sunglasses is manufactured in Japan under close and strict quality standards.
We often design our GROOVER eyewear with a "near future " motif, and our model named THE ONE was also born with this abstract image in mind.

We formed both softness and angularity and utilized a double ring structure.

Boldly using 8mm acetate, we were also able to give the model the feeling of retrofuture. THE ONE is the model that has cutting with a lot of highlights of GYARD's craftsmanship.

We are the only company in the world who can create such a beautiful cut by hand and by machine.
PROTON was inspired by a type of architecture. A slit formed on the bridge is expressing division between the center and outside world.

Special cutting was done to express the shade made possible by our master craftsmanship that only GYARD can deliver.

PROTON are rather smaller sized sunglasses, but we think it has something to do with beautiful color variation in our architectural world.
POINT looks slightly distorted, but this design was pursued further with an emphasis on your impression when you put them on.

This model expresses dissonance, which GROOVER thinks is an important concept when it comes to designing.

You may hesitate to put them on, but once you do, we guarantee they will become your new best buddy, creating a strong sense of attachment.

In such dissonance, GYARD's high quality cutting skill is a must to match your facial expression and style.

GROOVER's delicate cutting skill creates perfect harmonization when they are put on.
DOMINANT designed with a characteristic "Up Bridge" in a simple metal frame.

The lens shape is also an irregular oval.

We also paid attention to giving the rim a different impression from metal by painting them with cloisonne paint.

While pursuing the beauty of simple lines, I thought about giving it a gene that is unique to GROOVER brand.
We started designing DEIMOS by slightly modifying MARS, which features a unique rounded form.

At first, we were thinking about designing this model with simplicity and functional beauty. However, this ended up a very symbolic model with extraordinary GROOVERness!

GYARD's craftsman passionately created this vivid surface structure and beautiful connection.

You would not believe that the beautiful finish is all done by hand. Being able to create such a soft surface displays GROOVER's true craftsmanship- an original skill that is unmatched!

Photo: Gena Melkozerov
Starring: Matvey, Nargiz, Nikita, Dima, Dasha, Ksenia
Special Thanks: Haru Jitsukawa


Grade Moscow
20 June, 2021