"My work involves a lot of fetishes that go beyond the norm", — Jess Taylor told about his work with a little smile. This girl is from New York; she is a legal sex worker. Dancing, performative acts, shooting and videos; any Jess work is built on the verge of art, perversion and irony.

Such an unusual work requires a lot: patience, endurance and solid mind.Not everyone can do things that will be censured by society. Only those who sincerely live their business and are able to overcome the wall of misunderstanding by others. Therefore, we asked Jess to tell about the main thing: how convictions help her to cope with a lack of understanding, and why she considers her profession a special talent.
I actually started through erotic modeling, creating a platform for myself and becoming an exotic dancer. I made so many connections it led to further work.

My parents know about my work, they don't get involved and just tell me they support me and hope I'm always self aware, which I am. Yes , it takes a lot and everyone is different in how they process day to day life. It takes a special and specific person to offer services in their choice of medium. I believe all forms of SW's fall In the same category regardless of which medium they have chosen to make them most comfortable and the most profit. I stand with everyone, and am here to assist and be and advocate for any of them.
I lost many personal partners due to sex work because I have come to the conclusion that the modern day misogynist and anyone who fetishized SW or adult performer because their line of work. I think my past partner also was bitter due to the amount of fast money I'd make while dancing. It became a constant topic and I was held back in my personally self shot smut creation . It sucks but whatever I'm learning.

I prefer to keep my line of work mostly personal. I try to keep my personal platform appropriate and low key due to an issue legally, but If people ask in person I'm honest if I trust them. Dancing is a helpful medium because ive been involved in it since as long as I remember. I managed to leave the normal 9–5 sacrifice your time for little money and become a dancer full time due to the influx of money and addiction to physical freedom and Ofcourse getting paid.
I made these decisions and it's taken me far. I'm a dom and provide education, safety and Ofcourse a service to those interested in fetishes or trying new things for expansion in the kink realm.
Crazy I guess would be discovering I have an interest in blood play and being a switch only to people I trust . That's a big one for me. Degregation is also a piece of what I enjoy sexually. In regards to visual arts, I'd say a performance I did with w close friend of mine in San Diego was intense. I swallowed a chain in purely Lingerie and threw it up with charcoal water in my mouth. It was tight. I plan to try new ideas always that usually incorporate video work for artists, conceptual shoots and performance art.
I remember how client who enjoyed water boarding and drowning then being ridden while listening to me call him all the raunchy names in the book while tied up like a pig. I love when someone discovers a new kink through my sessions.
Being the sex-worker is not so much difficult but there's off times where there's little work or money in the club atmosphere. Which fucking sucks but you make it work and I always am planning and addicted to having like 10 side hustles lol.
I think the stigma has lessened a tad bit but I still receive horrifying messages from strangers and that's something that happens either a lot or occasionally. I think it's fucked up how people assume because you create adult content that you are just down to fuck anything that breathes. Which isn't true or the case at all, it's entitlement and the industry can get nasty sometimes. But it's a matter of knowing yourself and ignoring what irrelevant people have to spew outta their mouths. Embarrassing on their part more so.

It's important to always be aware like I've been saying. On point and not afraid to be loud and open about negativity surround this industry, but I believe a SW includes a large understanding and openness to all types of people. It's wild. But so rewarding when you can pinpoint certain archetypes while learning about new ones every time. That's a lot and it's not for everyone.
We all need to listen. Just sit down and fucking listen. Be open to everyone and recognize it doesn't define or affect you. This is someone's else's mind and body and everyone should respect that no matter what. Shits such a problem that it deserves the ability for support and discussion. All people are allowed to involved in SW or anything at that matter.

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25 Dec, 2018